Anderson Golf Innovations - with SI Shield

Anderson Golf was ​founded June 6, 2016 by Daren Anderson for the purpose of bringing great ideas for golfers to the market born out of necessity experienced by almost 50 years as a golfer himself.

​The first idea is CartSkinz, "The neatest golf idea on the Planet".   After years of tolerating those black, impossible to remove mystery marks on the right pocket of his golf pants, It was determined that these black marks occur when rubbing against the golf cart steering wheel when exiting and entering the driver’s side of the golf cart 50+ times per round.  What happens is when pants fabric is pinched between a rubber golf cart steering wheel and hard objects in a golfers pocket such as a golf ball, tees, divot repair tool or ball markers, rubber is scrubbed off of the steering wheel and into the fibers of the pants fabric accounting for why the marks are so difficult to launder... they are not dirt, they are rubber particles imbedded into the fabric fibers.   After months of experimenting with how best to solve the problem for all golfers, not just those that own their own cart,  it was determined that a universal fit elastic neoprene steering wheel cover was the most practical and best solution and the CartSkinz concept was born.    Further enhancing the value of the CartSkinz, they are available in custom wrap colors, with any logo and treated with an anti-microbial agent that prevents the spread of germs and micro-organisms, making CartSkinz the only anti-microbial steering wheel cover in existence earning it patent pending status.  

​Next was ShadeTee,  "The coolest golf idea on the Planet".  When living in Austin, Texas in the early 2000’s,  The covered Golf Smith driving range provided the shade that was absolutely required to be able to practice during the day in the hot Texas summers.    Upon relocation to Pinehurst in 2007,   a large Crepe Myrtle on the famed Manic Hill driving range provided shade every afternoon when players were moved back to the mats making the mats shaded by the Crepe Myrtle the  clear popular choice by those seeking a pleasant, safe practice session.   Expanding on this idea,  Daren set out to develop a lightweight, portable, affordable design that could be used to make any tee a shaded tee, the result being the Patented Shade Tee portable range shade. 

Anderson Golf is committed to :

  1.  Continuing to bring great ideas for golfers to the market.
  2. Zero compromise in product quality. 
  3. 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee.
  4. Welcoming and receptive to any and all new ideas and feedback from our customer and the golfing community.  

Anderson Golf is headquartered in Pinehurst, North Carolina.