CartSkinz - Golf Cart Steering Wheel Covers

 Golf Cart Steering Wheel Covers

Cartskinz are Neoprene golf cart steering covers that prevent the black mystery stains on pants pockets caused be rubbing against the golf cart steering wheel upon exiting cart 50+ times per round   What happens is when pants fabric is pinched between the golf cart steering wheel and a hard object such as a golf tee, ball, divot repair tool or ball marker, rubber is scrubbed off of the steering wheel and into the fabric.   This accounts for why the mark is so difficult to launder.... it's not dirt, but rather rubber particles that have been imbedded into the pants fabric fibers.  

CartSkinz are perfect for any golfer that rides a golf cart when they play, whether it be their own cart or a rental cart:  Fits wheel sizes from 13” - 15”, including all golf carts, cars, boats & ATVs. Very easy to install and remove.  Lightweight at 2.5 ounces and folds into the size of a sleeve of balls. Convenient to store in any golf bag pocket for use on rental carts at visited courses. 

Cartskinz are made with auto industry materials making them durable and fade resistant.  Insulator material for added comfort in winter or summer. The cushion provided by the neoprene has a great feel and adds comfort. The fabric outside layer is available in any color and accepts logos very well.  Machine Washable always provides the opportunity to have a clean and fresh product.

All CartSkinz are backed by a 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship and fully refundable within 30 days of purchase.    Special and custom order CartSkinz are not refundable.