ShadeTee - Personal, Hands Free Range Shade

The  Personal, Hands Free Range Shade

If you are a golfer that spends time on the driving range, you are well aware of the challenges presented by the heat and sun during the warmer months of the year.  While solutions exist in the market to provide shade on the driving range, they are in use by less than 1% of the golfers that need them.    This limited availability is due to the cost, size and dependence on a golf facility to provide them.

The Shade Tee is a personal and inexpensive product offering a solution to the range shade problem to every golfer.

The Shade Tee is light weight and portable. Weighing just over 4 pounds and packaging into 46”, which is 1/2" longer than the average driver,  the Shade Tee easily fits in a standard golf bag for transportation to the driving range, while also acting as a protective spine for clubs during air transportation .  The Shade Tee storage bag features a shoulder strap as an alternative to in bag transportation.

Upon arrival at the range,  Shade Tee set up is easy and quick taking less than one minute.  After removing from the storage bag, screw the super stake into the threaded insert in the bottom pole of the Shade Tee.     Next open the UPF 50+ canopy and insert the pin through the main hub to secure the canopy in the open position.

The canopy features a strong 8mm fiberglass frame and flattened, vented canopy designed to make the ShadeTee wind resistant.   While the Shade Tee has been tested in and is rated to perform in sustained winds of 15 mph, sound judgement and care should be taken as to whether to utilize the Shade Tee on windy days. In no case should the Shade Tee ever be left unattended in the open position in windy conditions.  During pauses in use, the Shade Tee canopy should be closed to prevent an unexpected heavy gust of wind from damaging the unit.

Once the canopy is open and secure, the next step is to set the Shade Tee to your desired height.   This is done by adjustment of the three section, twist locking, telescopic pole.    For most common height settings,  we recommend that the top or smallest pole be fully extended and locked in place first.   The twist locking mechanism is based on the right hand rule where the pole to be locked in place be turned to the right or clockwise to lock.  Holding the middle pole with the left hand, twist the top pole right with the right hand to lock it in place.  Continue twisting until moderate resistance is felt.    Over tightening  could cause damage to the locking mechanism inside the pole.   Next, raise the middle pole to adjust the canopy to the desired height and while holding the bottom pole with the left hand, twist the middle pole to the right with the right hand until moderate resistance is felt. 

Finally, determine the exact location on the range where you would like to locate the Shade Tee.   The location of the Shade Tee will be dependent on the position of the sun in the sky.   Once a suitable location is determined, orient the Shade Tee as perfectly vertical as possible and while holding the pole of the Shade Tee in place with both hands, step on the super stake to fully push in into the turf.   Keeping the Shade Tee vertical and thus the canopy as horizontally flat as possible enables optimum Shade Tee Performance in the wind.    The Shade Tee is now ready to use.

The Shade Tee is warranted against defects of materials and workmanship for 90 days and are fully refundable within 30 days of purchase.  See Warranty & Refunds under the main menu on our website for details on processing warranty and refunds.

ShadeTee US Patent D958,517 S